Real Estate Management

ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. Annual accounting. Account analysis. Bank reconciliations. Conciliation of clients - suppliers. Income statement - profit and loss. Balance sheets of amounts and balances.
BUDGET MANAGEMENT. Preparation and distribution of annual and extraordinary annual budgets. Issuance of receipts and direct debits.
MANAGEMENT OF SUPPLIERS. Credit procedures and payment modalities. Billing management of suppliers. Handling of delivery notes and orders. Supervision of deliveries, control of delivery notes and merchandise.
SELECTION AND CONTROL OF PERSONNEL. We make the selection of personnel to be hired by the community profile that is set according to the tasks that are going to undertake. Control of tasks. Preparation and monitoring of work plans. Management of wages collection.
CONTRACTING AND MANAGEMENT OF EXTERNAL SERVICES. SUPERVISION OF THE SERVICE PROVIDED. Selection of companies of external services and offers as well as follow-up of completion of works and fulfillment of contract clauses: maintenance companies, surveillance and security, pest control, maintenance, television systems, etc ...
PERSONALIZED ATTENTION OF THE OWNERS THROUGH OUR PHONES AND WEB. Personalized attention to our clients in a continuous schedule from 9 to 18 hours from Monday to Friday with staff who speak Spanish, English and German.
Both personally and through specified means, owners may contact their community administration to resolve any matter related to it.
Likewise, we maintain a permanent information channel through the mail, informing of how many issues are considered of the general interest of the owners.
In the attention offered to the owners, attention is paid to the appearance of parts of loss that are covered by the policy contracted by the community.
SPECIAL SERVICES. As a result of our interest, we have decided to offer additional services. We can handle some of the formalities related to your home: contracting services, water, electricity, telephone, IBI, etc ... Various procedures in notaries, etc ... Insurance hours, auto, etc ...